Automatic laser welding machine maintenance work must be carried out by professionals

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/03/12

Automatic laser welding machine maintenance work must be carried out by professionals
First, check and adjust the laser cavity
Laser welding machine equipment operators can often check the laser output spot with black paper. Once the spot is uneven or the energy is reduced, the cavity of the laser should be adjusted in time to ensure the beam quality of the laser output. Always observe the color change of the ion exchange column in the cooling system. Once the color of the resin in the exchange column is found to be dark brown or even black, the resin should be replaced. The adjustment of the laser must be carried out by specially trained personnel, otherwise the other components on the optical path will be damaged due to the misalignment or deviation of the laser. At present, China has already adopted automated welding technology as a strategic goal in all walks of life. Automatic laser welding machine has become the standard of some high-end industrial production and processing enterprises. So, in the course of its use, how should we carry out automatic laser welding machine? Maintenance? The technical engineer of Shenzhen Minglei Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. recommends that the maintenance of the automatic laser welding machine must be carried out by trained professionals.
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Third, check the laser welding machine optical circuit components
laser welding machine for dental lab In order to ensure that the laser welding machine laser has been in the normal working state of the laser welding machine, after continuous operation or when using it for a period of time, the components in the optical path such as the YAG rod, the dielectric diaphragm and the lens protection glass should be inspected before starting, and determined. Each optical component is not contaminated, and if it is contaminated, it should be treated in time to ensure that the optical components are not damaged by strong laser irradiation. Fiber laser marking machine
Second, check the conductivity of the circulating water
Laser welding machine for gold The purity of the cooling water laser cooling technology is the key to ensure the laser output efficiency and the life of the laser concentrating cavity assembly. The conductivity of the circulating water should be checked once a week to ensure its conductivity and the internal circulation must be replaced once a month. Deionized water. The commissioning operator must have the common knowledge of laser safety protection and must wear special laser safety glasses during work.

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