What does laser welding machine rely on to occupy the market

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/03/28

With the continuous development of laser welding machine technology, the field of laser technology is more and more extensive, such as welding machine technology has become the leader of laser use. Technology is a new skill of high energy beam welding. Compared with traditional welding, it has the advantages of small thermal deformation, large depth width ratio of weld, high precision, low noise, no pollution, easy automatic welding and suitable for large-scale production.
Laser welding is good, many technologies and processes have become important indicators, and these key technologies have become a place in the market of many welding machines and equipment. For example, the welding process from then on, tool positioning fixture, weld tracking, etc. are the key technical points.
Welding process parameters and conditions
The selection of process parameters directly determines and affects the quality of weld pool. The selection of process parameters is based on the welding of the same material. Through the test after welding, the penetration, appearance and strength conditions of the weld are analyzed, and the reference value of the base metal is obtained. Among them, the process parameters mainly include laser power, walking speed and the type and flow of shielding gas.
Tool positioning fixture: because its energy focusing structure determines its thermal energy, the direct melting range is small, and the spot diameter is small. Therefore, the gap between the two should be strictly controlled, and the side welding strength is difficult to guarantee. The structural design of the fixed device of the gas filled cabinet and the method of disassembling the technological process determine the assembly clearance of the workpiece positioning and pressing.
According to the structural characteristics of the workpiece, the production conditions and production conditions of the user, the laser welding of the gas holder is divided into several processes. Laser penetration welding can be precisely positioned and assembled by a set of fixed devices. The laser welding machine needs to weld before positioning parts, and then complete the whole sealing welding process through the cooperation of automatic conveying and shifting devices.
laser welding machine
The deviation of workpiece positioning results in the deviation of the beam teaching position from the actual position of the workpiece, resulting in the unqualified welding quality. In addition, the size of the workpiece is relatively large, and the continuous input of laser beam heat leads to a certain amount of deformation of the workpiece. The position of welding seam is searched by mechanical micro contact probe device, and position detection and instantaneous compensation are carried out during the walking process of laser welding machine, so as to ensure that the welding position does not deviate from the assembly surface of workpiece.
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