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  • 16, February

    what is the feature of laser metal cleaning machine

    Laser cleaning machine is a new generation of high-tech surface cleaning products. Easy to install, operate and automate. It is easy to operate, power on and turn on the equipment to clean without chemical reagent, medium, dust and water, I

  • 16, February

    how to use laser cleaning machine for rust removal

    The first three methods are most commonly used. The fourth method is only found in the cleaning of stone relics.

  • 16, February

    laser cleaning system for equipment

    Laser cleaning technology is widely used in weapon maintenance. By using laser cleaning system, the rust and pollutants can be removed efficiently and quickly, and the cleaning parts can be selected to realize the automatic cleaning.

  • 16, February

    laser high speed descaling machine applied in mould

    Laser cleaning can be used to clean not only organic pollutants, but also inorganic substances, including metal corrosion, metal particles, dust, etc. Here are some practical applications. These technologies are very mature and widely used.

  • 16, February

    Portable round fiber laser marking machine 20w

    1. Laser spot size: the smaller the spot, the smaller the marking volume. Therefore, the larger the spot, the faster the marking speed. 2. Marking format: because the deflection area of the large format marking galvanometer increases, the m

  • 16, February

    laser marking machine low price in china

    The optical fiber laser marking machine is suitable for a wide range of applications, especially for the marking and engraving of switch panel, hardware, cutting tools and kitchenware, plastic products, metal ornaments, buttons, integrated

  • 15, February

    what is the Working principle rust descaling machine

    The cleaning process of pulsed Nd: YAG laser depends on the characteristics of the optical pulse generated by the laser, which is based on the photophysical reaction caused by the interaction between high-intensity beam, short pulse laser a

  • 15, February

    why we choose laser cleaner

    Compared with the traditional cleaning methods such as mechanical friction cleaning, chemical corrosion cleaning, liquid-solid strong impact cleaning, high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning, laser cleaning has obvious advantages. laser cleaning

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