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  • 27, July

    Maintenance of pneumatic marking machine

    Chongqing Zixu Machinery Factory has been focusing on the maintenance of pneumatic marking machine for 14 years. There are professional technical team and after-sales team. When your pneumatic marking machine fails, portable pneumatic marki

  • 26, July

    Pneumatic needle typewriter parameters

    Pneumatic needle typewriter parameters, Chongqing Primary Marking Machine manufacturer specializes in providing you with answers. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about the parameters of pneumatic typewriter. Pneumatic needle typewriters inclu

  • 20, July

    How to Change the Font of dot peen marking machine?

    How to Change the Font of dot peen marking machine? How to change the font of the pneumatic marker? The manufacturer of the pneumatic marker at the beginning of Chongqing teaches you by hand. Our device itself has hundreds of fonts, you

  • 17, July

    Handheld Pneumatic Marking Machine

    Pneumatic portable marking machine uses pneumatic printing, as long as there are power and air sources to work. The needle is made of cemented carbide, and the hardness of the printing material can reach HRC60. Anti-jamming, strong radiat

  • 13, July

    Instructions for the Use of Pneumatic Marker

    Chongqing Provides the instructions for the use of pneumatic marking machine at the beginning. There are pictures, text and video instructions, which are simple, detailed and easy to learn. Chongqing Initial Pneumatic Marking Machine, one-s

  • 11, July

    Reasons for the Decrease of Laser Output Power after Laser Marking Machine Used for a Period of Time

    After using laser marking machine for a period of time, the reason for the decline of laser output power is to find ZIXULaser Marking Machine Company, which has been devoted to the research, development and manufacture of marking machine fo

  • 10, July

    Use Method of Pneumatic Marker

    Pneumatic marking machine use method is very simple, Chongqing zixu provide pneumatic marking machine instructions and operation video, very simple and detailed, Chongqing first pneumatic marking machine, marking machine around you one-stop

  • 31, May

    Russian Fair 2019 For Marking Machine

    From May 27 to May 31, 2019, the Russian exhibition was held smoothly. At the exhibition, many Russian customers visited the mini laser marking machine. One of them bought the laser marking machine on the spot. This small laser marking mach

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