ZIXU have 20 year veteran engineer supervises production,keep every part with top quality,promise the life time,service thousands company,ZIXU continue provide marking machine factory,dot marking machine factory,laser marking machine factory,pin marking factory,marking machine manufacturer,marking machine price.
  • 20, March

    The exhibition"ITIF Asia 2018" in Karachi,Pakistan

    The exhibition"ITIF Asia 2018" in Karachi,Pakistan ,From 13-15 March,2018,Chongqing Chuke Intelligent Machinery&Equipment Co.,ltd(Chongqing zixu) holds a exhibition in Karachi,Pakistan.The main equipment for the exhibition are laser markin

  • 10, March

    marking machine agent in different country, Saudi,Southeast Asia

    Zixu Factory serves global customers for marking machine. We are committed to establishing partners around the world. We will seek Saudi agents. We have agents in Southeast Asia, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, we have professional agents

  • 09, March

    ZIXU marking machine looking for Dubai partners

    ZIXU is looking for Dubai laser marking machine partners, ZIXU factory as a marking machine manufacturer has more than 10 years of production history, we are looking for Dubai laser marking machine agents. Welcome to join us.

  • 09, March

    where to buy laser marking machine for plastic bottle in the phillippines

    We have agents in Southeast Asia and have implemented localized services. If we need to debug, we can arrange for personnel to come to the door. However, it is generally very simple. Ordinary workers can do the job.

  • 24, February

    ZIXU marking machine factory started work from the Spring Festival

    Zixu started working again today. After a period of Spring Festival holiday, we returned to the factory one after another. The performance of Zixu Factory has doubled in the past year. In 2018, our goal is to achieve the target of 20 millio

  • 02, February

    dot peen marking pins

    The vent plays the role of venting. The compressed air is deflated through the vent. As the pressure gets smaller, the needle will return to its original position, but as the compressed air continues to push outward

  • 31, January

    Do you know the exact year of your birth?Chinese spring festival

    Occurs in the spring festival and spring festival's Eve between the two little guys story. New Year is born from the spring festival's Eve eggs or other things was born, New Year's Eve with the New Year to do bad things, the result of a dan

  • 29, January

    Tricycle marking machine

    Computer-controlled print pin in the X, Y two-dimensional plane by a certain trajectory to move at the same time, the print pin under the action of compressed air to do high-frequency impact movement to print a certain depth on the workpiec

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