English version of laser marking machine software translation

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/12/18

New: new file:
The new file is used to load from disk“ LAZ.NEW ”File, using the file module with default values defined. One“ LAZ.NEW ”It can be created and modified just like any other marking file, but it must be saved under a different name and then aligned outside of prolase LAZ.NEW Rename the first mock exam to prevent this module from being accidentally modified.
Open: open file
Open file is used to load a document file for editing and execution, or to join a marking queue. Each marking document file (. Laz) contains the graphic information of each object defined in each layer. This file also includes a database linking material processing, a fixed database system, fonts and imported graphics files. Many subdirectories containing. Laz files can be stored in the hard disk, so thousands of files can be linked up and processed with prolase. When the "open" function is selected, the file window will prompt the user to save the current document (if it has been modified), and then a directory of existing marking files will be displayed, starting with the current file displayed in the file input field. Once the required file is selected or typed, click the "open" button to load the file. The system will detect all existing external links, such as PLT or DXF drawing files. If a required file does not exist, the system will prompt the user to input another replacement file. The user can select a new file or cancel, and replace the missing object with a rectangle of the same size. After the relevant external files are resolved, the system will display the loaded files. Prolase is a multi file interface, so users can load multiple Laz files at one time.
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Save: save file
Save file is used to save the current status of the marking file. Files are always saved in the same name as they were opened, or in the name of the last time you used the save function.
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