Femtosecond Fiber Laser Meching Marking machine 

Femtosecond Fiber Laser Meching Marking machine samples

On-Line Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine For Ear Tag


Product information

ZIXU Femtosecond Fiber Laser Marking Machine  20w 30w 50w adopts the combination of automatic feeding system

and rapid laser marking equipment, online marking has high production efficiency, stable quality, and online

marking system is suitable for multitudinous sequence production.


The femtosecond laser marking machine is suitable for users requiring batch production and high marking precision

in food printing, medicine printing, soft-drink printing, cigarette code, wines industry,mineral water, daily

cosmetic, wires and cables and all kinds of production lines. The conveyor belt is optional items for you to

choose and can be customized.


Product parameter


Laser power


Laser Wavelength


Light beam quality


Repeating precision


Marking range

110x110mm 200x200mm 300x300mm(customize)

Marking depth


Marking speed


Minimum character


Minimum line width


Repeating frequency


Marking content

Graphics, text, bar codes, two-dimensional code,

 date, batch number, serial number

Graphic format supported


working voltage




Gross Weight


Control interface

standard USB port

Working environment

Clean and dust free or dust less

Laser module life

100000~200000 hours

On-Line Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine For Ear Tag

On-Line Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine For Ear Tag

Conveyor belt:Adopting alumium alloy material and PVC material,with sensor and encoder,adjustable

speed,improve working effectiveness,and suitable for kinds of pipeline products.

Lift hand:with two lift hands,can adjust up and down,front and back position,it's very convenient to

mark product you want.high resolution, high repeatability ,large scanning angle, large peak torque,

large load inertia, small electromechanical time constant,fast speed

Computer:touch screen,without computer host,and the ZIXU control system is easy to operate,for

you is simple to learn.


Company information

Chongqing Zixu Machine Works - the company founded in 2006, is a professional R & D, production,

sales of marking machine and accessories products, marking industry leading enterprises. We have

reached the marking machine (dynamic electric and laser gas) annual output of more than 1000 sets,

marking needle (including pneumatic and electric)the annual output of more than 100000. The

company's own brand Zixu, Chongqing city famous brand, has many electric marking series of patent,

enjoy high reputation in the markup scale industry. The company has the right to operate import and

export, is Beibei District of Chongqing City export 

On-Line Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine For Ear Tag


What are the main products of your company?

 Pneumatic marking machine, laser marking machine, electrical marking machine, etching marking

machine,tapping machine,customized marking machine is our advantage.

Where is your marking machine applied to?

 To be applied in Automobile, bodywork of motorcycle, car frame, automotive chassis, engine,

mechanical part, machine tool, metal pipe, gear, pump body,

valve and various hardness plastic products.

 What materials the machine could mark?

 Could marking steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum and plastic

 What are the marking contents?

 Alphanumeric info, date matrix or dot matrix 2D codes, shift codes, bar code, serial number,

date, VIN code, time, letter, figure, logo, graphics and etc.

 Could the  marking contents of  be freely transformed?

 Sure, it can be free transformed by our software.

 What certificate has your company got?

 All products with TUV,FDA,CE,ISO9001

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